KMBombshell Photography


I always knew I was talented but never in a million years would I think it would be in photography. I mean it kind of makes sense that if you model in front of the camera then you would know how to work it behind the camera, right? Lol. Maybe not.

I stumbled on this knew talent back in June 2014. I think the exact date was June 21, 2014. I was starting a new project that I've had on my huge list of projects and I needed a photographer. Having many photographer friends I contacted a few but everyone was too busy to help me out. It got to the point that I was frustrated. I needed to get this done but I was running out of options. 

That's when I decided to just borrow one of my friend's camera and do it myself. And that's what happened. Here I am with a camera, a crew, 10 models, 1 makeup artist and a detailed itinerary. I soon learned I probably should've hired more makeup artists and that detailed itinerary wasn't as thought out as I thought it was. It sounded good on paper but when reality happened it was pure madness BUT we survived. There I was stationed in a pool for over 6 hours shooting. I did what I do with everything else including modeling, makeup, all my business ventures, etc. I did what made sense to me. Luckily it worked! Here I am snapping away and as I look at what I just shot in the camera I blew myself away. Even my crew was amazed and wondered if I was lying about never shooting before. There I was as rookie as rookie could be with a newfound talent.

Even at that point I still didn't take it seriously. I figured okay, I know whenever I need to get photography work done I am capable of doing it myself. So the following year I did another shoot but this time it was more thought out than the one previous and I was even more amazed. Each time I would shoot they just got better and better. Other people were more excited about this gift I had than I was. I just looked at it as eh, I guess. It is what it is. I'm not one to really make a big fuss about certain things. People kept telling me I should take it more seriously. I just would respond and say, "Yeah, I know."

Fast forward to 2017, I picked up a client who has a clothing line and she loved my work so much she wanted to make me her full time photographer. Still thinking nothing of it, I said okay. She would call and there I would be ready to shoot. It wasn't until our third shoot I fell in love. As I looked into the camera to see what I've just shot like I do every time I do a shoot my heart melted. This feeling came over me and it's almost like I had butterflies in my stomach. As tired as I was from shooting the excitement of the pictures overpowered everything. At that point I made up my mind to take this a little more serious.

As I continue on my journey of this newfound love. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They can be located here.